Dr. Volker Treier born on August 6th 1969 in Creglingen.Married, three children. Since January 2019: Chief Executive of Foreign Trade and Member of the Executive Board – responsible for: International and European Economic Affairs and The network of bi-national German Chambers, Delegations and Representations of German Commerce and Industry (AHKs) in 92 countries worldwide. From January 2003 to November 2006: Head of the department for economic cycle and growth policy, analysis of the economic situation, economic-political surveys of companies as well as. From 1990 to 2002: Studies in Economics at the Universities of Bamberg and Budapest, Doctor of Economic Sciences at the University of Bamberg, thereby scientific assistant at the chair of Finance at the University of Bamberg, project collaborator of the German Academic Exchange Service project „Internationalisation of the Curriculum in European Economics Bamberg-Budapest-Tirana-Sarajevo“.