Mr.  Adnan  Delić

Mr. Adnan Delić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adnan Delic was born on October 6, 1985 in Doboj. He grew up in Maglaj, in a family home with his parents, older sister and younger brother. He is a member of a generation that grew up in an age before the Internet, and his childhood is wartime and the earliest memories are bind to the beginning of the war. For almost four years, that is, until the moment of his candidacy for mayor of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, he worked in management positions in one of the better known IT companies. At that time, he also attended doeducation programs in the field of management at Adizes Leadership Programs. For the past ten years, he has started to be attracted to the idea of social engagement because he did not want to accept hopelessness, so with a group of enthusiasts he founded the Fair play association, which has been organizing the Fair play futsal league for adults and children for many years, and this also preceded the establishment of the charity During all these years and dozens of socially useful projects, he built up attitudes and gained experiences that significantly shaped my life, so he welcomed the proposal to engage politically ready and decided that he wanted to take the risk that politics carries.As minister of the economy of Sarajevo Canton, he face new challenges every day. Creating a better business environment in Canton is a basic description of his job.