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How Do I Complete Media Registration Form?

Apply for a media pass

Before we can process your media pass application, you’ll need to complete the following registration form:

Events at the Sarajevo Business Forum can be covered only by accredited journalists and cameramen. The first day of the Forum will take place in the BiH Parliament building, and only the cameramen and photographers can enter the Plenary Hall. Reporters will take their places in the gallery above the Plenary Hall. Press statements can be taken in the press corner in front of the Plenary Hall entrance according to the schedule and agenda of the Sarajevo Business Forum which are available here:

Note: Sarajevo Business Forum will not issue media passes to authors who work for non-media websites or their own blogs, e-newsletters or membership newsletters, as well as to part-time authors who are not contractually bound to publishers, representatives of corporate sales, marketing, PR and technical support departments, or other professionals who are not full time employees of media companies.

Registration approved for prior events organized by the Sarajevo Business Forum does not constitute a guarantee of approval or a confirmation that one has met the registration requirements. After you complete the registration form, the Sarajevo Business Forum organizing committee will email you its approval or rejection. Please note that completing an application does not guarantee its subsequent approval. Sarajevo Business Forum reserves the right to refuse or approve the registration at any time. Media passes will not be issued to those who, in organizer’s opinion, have an agenda which is different from the standard reporting practice. The event organizer can share the data related to the registered media with exhibitors, sponsors or lecturers at the conference.

Registration requirements

The registration form must be completed in full if your application is to be considered. Upon the approval or rejection of the application, all registered media representatives will receive official confirmation of their status via the attached e-mail. Those who do not receive confirmation can contact:

Part-time authors, reporters

For the registration following the completion of the registration application form via this link:

You need to submit the following to

1. Original letter with the description of the task which was assigned to you, together with the information about its duration and a copy of the editor-in-chief's contract with the media company
2. Two signed articles published in the past six months
3. Those who are not under contract are unable to obtain the media pass


Authors or analysts from internationally recognized market research companies or financial institutions that publish regular reports should provide:
1. Business card with the name of a media or market research company
2. Signed copy of a draft, summary or report covering marketing, promotional or interactive topics based on statistical data which was published in the past six months (print copy or an active online link)

Foreign journalists

Sarajevo Business Forum classifies foreign journalists as those whose work is not published in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Macedonian/Slovenian/Montenegrin language.
They need to submit the following:
1. Original and official letter describing the task assigned to them in the above languages, including the planned duration of the activity
2. Business card with the name of the media company
3. Two copies of signed articles published in the past six months

Photographers and cameramen

Photographers and/or cameramen need to submit the shooting plan in advance. All members of the cameramen or photographer teams should stick to the official agenda and the shooting schedule.
Required documentation (submit at least three out of four of the following):
1. Business card stating the name of the journalist and his/her company
2. Broadcaster’s identification document with the journalist’s name and position
3. Part-time photographers/cameramen: Original and official letter describing the task assigned (including its duration) by the supervisor who can confirm the assignment, and his/her contact details
4. Two video or audio clips which were broadcast in the past six months, or two active online links with published photos