Minister Sarovic: 2 billion EUR of Chinese Investment in BiH are on the Table

When it comes to BiH, there are 2 billion EUR of Chinese investment are on the table for consideration, said Mirko Sarovic, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH.

Sarovic noted the project of TPP Tuzla block 7, worth over 800 million EUR, as a concrete example.

Minister Sarovic is leading the delegation of BiH that will be staying in China in the upcoming days, among others, in order to agree on the implementation of the current and new projects when it comes to Chinese investors.

President of China Xi Jinping is the host of the event that gathers 100 delegations at the high and highest levels, including 30 prime ministers and heads of state, as well as a large number of vice-presidents and ministers.

“BiH wants to be a full member of this great project for which China has provided a total of 45 billion USD of funds for projects in the sector of infrastructure and promotion of trade. When it comes to infrastructure, they primarily refer to road and railway communications as well as maritime and river corridors. This will be discussed at the summit in Beijing. This is the biggest event of the year in China,” said Sarovic.

Speaking on the visit to China, Minister Sarovic stated that he will use this opportunity to meet with representatives of leading Chinese companies in the sector of energy and construction.

Minister Sarovic added that, when it comes to BiH, “expectations and opportunities are great”.

“It depends on us and whether we will be able to fulfill certain commitments that were put before BiH, especially when it comes to the process of preparing documents, projects and completion of the financial structure and agreement to find solutions for a quality agreement with leading Chinese companies that would be partners in this project,” said Sarovic.

He noted that the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, and the Council of Ministers of BiH “wish to bring positive news and a benefit for the whole country through further expansion of cooperation with our old and new partners. These visits to China and Russia took place in that interest, and later in other countries as well, in order to further increase this cooperation.”

“Besides the European orientation, in the focus of our interest are China and Russia,” said Sarovic, who will lead BH delegation to the Russian Federation after China, as he noted, “for working arrangement that BiH has and expects”.

Thus, according to him, the session of the Joint Economic Commission of the two countries, BiH and Russia, will be held soon as well.