Zvizdić: Tens of Thousands of Jobs Created in BiH in Past 20 Months

Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić said at Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 (SBF) that tens of thousands of jobs were created in BiH in the past 20 months, especially in the private sector.

Zvizdić said that BiH was a bridge between the East and West, while being a country with rich natural resources, talented people, successful managers, Nobel Prize laureates and Oscar winners. He said that BiH offered great business opportunities, adding that it made significant progress in terms of implementing economic reforms.

According to him, the goal of the government is having a European, economic and legally prosperous state.

He informed the attendees that they were working on the implementation of reforms in the previous period, which resulted in the growth of GDP in the past two years while the same happened with exports.

Zvizdić said that the products made by BiH industry became regionally and globally recognizable and competitive. He pointed out that tens of thousands of jobs were created in BiH in the past 20 months, primarily in the private sector.

According to him, BiH has recorded the growth of tourism sector, which has helped to preserve its financial capacity and credit rating. He added that BiH made significant process in the context of the EU integration, recalling the ongoing preparation of response to the European Commission’s Questionnaire, after which the BiH authorities expect the country to be offered the candidate status.

As for regional cooperation, Zvizdić said that the processes of good-neighborly cooperation had been initiated as they were the key for peace, political stability and economic development of the entire region. At the end of his address, Zvizdić pointed out a few advantages that BiH had, such as its quality exchange rate, stable geopolitical position, rich resources etc.