Submit Your Projects and Find Investors at Sarajevo Business Forum 2018

Sarajevo Business Forum, leading business and investment conference in the Southeastern Europe which was established as a business networking platform with the unique goal of supporting regional economic development, will focus on the promotion of  domestic and regional investment projects. In order to ensure even more comprehensive and efficient networking, the preparations for the 9th conference made the organizers go the extra mile in creating an online platform dedicated to promoting companies and projects and connecting participants both before and during the event.

Those who have already registered as participants of the upcoming SBF, which will be held in Sarajevo on April 25 and 26, can use the new website to create their profile and submit information about their company and the project they want to apply with, or to schedule B2B meetings with potential investors. Projects can be nominated in the fields of agriculture, energy, tourism, real estate; infrastructure, IT industry, sports and culture, finance, and other industries, and all additional information are available through e-mail

"Sarajevo Business Forum is a platform that brings together investors and projects. This is why it is important for the projects to be well prepared, rounded up and ready for evaluation. The deadline for submission of projects via online B2B platform is April 10 2018, which will be followed by their review and preparation for effective presentations. Prior to this, the project owners have to register as participants at the Forum, which can be done via this link," said Nedžad Gušić of the BBI Financial Management and Advisory Department. He added that "one of the ways to ensure the mobilization of capital is to look for a strategic partner who will be ready to invest in a particular idea or project, regardless of whether it has to do with an established company that looks for capacity expansion, or with a start-up idea. With this platform, we are creating better opportunities for quality networking".

Business delegations and representatives of companies from the countries of the region, Western Europe, Turkey, the Gulf, Asia, and even the US and Australia, announced their coming to Sarajevo Business Forum, which is a great opportunity to find the right investors for an investment project.

"Investors who announced their coming to this year's SBF showed particular interest in tourism, real estate, manufacturing, agriculture and IT. Woodworking and metal industry will be in focus as well. Therefore, we call on local communities, regional development agencies, chambers and local and regional companies to submit their projects in these fields, "said Gušić.

Registration with the online platform can be done in just a few minutes, and all registered users can send messages and share documents. They can also use the search engine to find the right Forum participants or investors who are interested in the projects from the field they come from. For the duration of the Forum, the platform users will have access to a personal meeting schedule, as well to reports on meetings after the closing of the 9th Sarajevo Business Forum.