Sarajevo Business Forum Supports Women Entrepreneurs

Sarajevo Business Forum to gather award winning BiH products to promote them to international investors

A competition was held in order to find the best authentic BiH products created by women entrepreneurs and organizations. The top three are expected to be honoured at the Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 as a method to contribute to the development of women entrepreneurship in BiH.

The Association of Business Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina opened the contest on the 31st of March in order to select the most authentic BiH products that aim to support women’s organizations and aid them in developing their businesses.

"The Sarajevo Business Forum gives regional and foreign businessmen the opportunity and platform to create substantial business networks and this year we wanted to put focus on women entrepreneurs. Handmade Bosnian products have great value and through our large network of business contacts we wish to promote these values and contribute to the development of women entrepreneurship, "explained Dino Selimovic, Director of marketing and communications at BBI Bank.

With regards to the realization of planned projects and activities, the Association received support from USAID / Sweden FARMA II and the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) as well as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (in the context of IFAD project implementation.)

54 organizations from 36 municipalities all over BiH applied to the contest in three different categories which included, ‘domestic agricultural products,’ ‘natural cosmetics, medicinal herbs and honey,’ and “traditional women's work (embroidery, knitting, crochet, weaving.)” A total of 84 applications were received.

Aida Zubčević, President of the Association for Business Women in BiH, explained that the aim of the competition was to encourage innovation and creativity, as well as to support the creation of branded and well-packed traditional, authentic products which could easily find their place in respective distribution channels. "With this project we want to economically empower women in rural areas primarily through the development of products with added value. Our women are valuable and create fantastic products in their very own homes. We intend to help them make this a profitable activity."

Winners will be announced on the 24th of May during the formal ceremony held in Terme Hotel in Ilidza.