Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 presented to investors from BiH diaspora

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIPA) and the World Diaspora Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SSDBH) organized Sarajevo Business Forum on 21 April in Sarajevo, with the goal of promoting Bosnia and Herzegovina as an investment destination.

Representatives of the FIPA presented small and medium projects in the field of tourism, with a focus on health tourism, agriculture, metal, textile and energy sectors, as well as other sectors that might be of interest for diaspora and their business partners in terms of investments.

 "Our plan is to connect our business clubs around the globe i.e. member states of our Association with businessmen in Bosnia and Herzegovina", said Hasan Šehović, president of the World Diaspora Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, stressing that every country in the world has its specific features, laws, business climate...

 "We need to adapt to the conditions existing in BiH. In any case, some bureaucratic obstacles should be kept to a minimum. In our opinion, regardless of the small number of investments in the past 20 years, BiH is, by virtue of its position and legislation, still an attractive and favorable country for investment and it should be invested in", said Šehović.

BiH Minister for Human Rights and Refugees Semiha Borovac presented "Policy of Cooperation with BiH Diaspora" and said that the diaspora would be granted concessions by being relieved of obligatory payment of a significant number of fees when paying for individual contributions.

 "We will initiate exemption from taxes and customs duties for philanthropic and humanitarian activities of the diaspora", said Borovac, adding that the diaspora had shown interest in investing in BiH, which would be defined by drafting documents on development.

Following the adoption of the Policy of Cooperation with BiH Diaspora, which is the first document that defines and institutionalizes cooperation between the state of BiH and its diaspora, the relevant ministry will start developing the Strategy and action plan with clearly defined activities and required funding for their implementation.

"In addition to the investment program, the diaspora will be offered cultural and scientific programs in BiH, and activities will, among others, include preservation of the mother tongue, traditions and identity", said Borovac.

On this occasion, the business people of BiH diaspora were able to familiarize themselves with the Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 as a platform for investing in BiH.

"One of the most important resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina are its citizens, no matter where they are. Today, we presented to the Diaspora Association representatives the opportunities offered by networking and presenting business ideas at the Sarajevo Business Forum 2017, and we hope for and expect significant participation of BiH citizens from diaspora in the upcoming SBF on 22 and 23 May in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina", said Dino Selimović, director of marketing and communications at BBI Bank on the occasion of presenting the current results of the Sarajevo Business Forum.

Representatives of the diaspora from Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries have shown great interest in investing in BiH. Representatives of the companies that already do business in Bosnia and Herzegovina think that, despite certain shortcomings, BiH is the country that provides excellent opportunities for foreign investors.

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