Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 presented at the Economic Forum in Macedonia

Businessmen from Macedonia are interested in participating in the Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) 2017, the international investment conference that will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of May in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was announced after the SBF presentation at The Business Forum of BiH-Macedonia in Skoplje.

Mladen Ivanic, Chairmen of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, spoke at the Forum and emphasized the necessity to create positive business environments in both countries, were entrepreneurs and potential investors can feel secure. 

“Along with strict political reforms, it is the obligation of politicians to create adequate working conditions for entrepreneurs and ease business cooperation. Without economic development there is no possibility for long-term political stability. Businessmen need to see results and create profit, this is the only way to create better living conditions for citizens,” said Ivanic.

He recalled the post-war situation in BiH when the country’s public image was uncertain resulting in little to no investments.

“The positive is that although investors are seldom, once they come, they rarely leave BiH. If we all give our best, it is possible to create a good environment for future business ventures. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to see such attendance and I expect to see great results from this business forum, particularly with concerns to promoting our mutual business objectives which will benefit both countries.”

President Ivanov stated that relations between BiH and Macedonia are friendly and that Bosnia is in the 20th position with regards to Macedonia’s foreign trade.

Azra Colic, head of BBI’s VIP Business Club, noted that, “ Macedonian businessmen have expressed interest in the Sarajevo Business Forum as they view it as an ideal opportunity for regional networking and creating business opportunities with outside markets.”

At the Economic Forum in Skoplje, 11 companies from BiH and 35 companies from Macedonia participated.  The Forum was also attended by representatives of the Foreign Trade Chamber and the Agency for Foreign Investment Promotion (FIPA) as well as representatives from BBI Bank.

The Sarajevo Business Forum in cooperation with the United Bank of Albania will also be presented to potential investors and business people in Tirana on Friday the 21st of April. More details about the Sarajevo Business Forum can be found on our website at