Prosinečki, Hadžibegić and Sturm at Sarajevo Business Forum: How to Increase the Inflow of Investments in the Region

The 9th Sarajevo Business Forum will be held under the slogan "One region, One Economy" on April 25 and 26, and its program will include the panel session entitled "Diaspora, Sports, Arts, Culture & Creative Industry - Transforming Emotions into Investments " in which the diaspora, sport, culture, arts and creative industries will be considered in the context of economic growth and regional development.

The degree to which the former emigrants and today’s business owners and  successful business people can be the drivers of economic changes and development in their countries of origin will be discussed by renowned business representatives from the diaspora. Celebrity athletes and artists will talk about the significance of their role in strengthening the image of the countries of the region of Southeast Europe, and the manner in which they can become successful promoters of investing in local economies.

The aim is to show how the emotions the people from diaspora feel for their countries of origin, along with their knowledge of the market and investment needs, can be used as a platform for creating new business projects that will strengthen the economy of the regional countries and provide them, as investors, with profitable investments. As security is a prerequisite for any investment, special emphasis will be placed on the development of institutions and methods that can generally enhance investors’ confidence, as well as on the support that can be provided by dedicated institutional funds.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Crnadak and Marc Dillard of the US State Department will address the participants. Samir Cerić, Executive Director of Alpha Omega Group (UK / China) and Sanjin Arifagić, Head of USAID's project "Diaspora Invest Project and Platform, Bosnia and Herzegovina" will act as the panel moderators.

This round table is scheduled for the second day of the Forum and it will include some well-known athletes, including former world boxing champion Adnan Ćatić alias Felix Sturm, Robert Prosinečki, current coach of the national football team of BiH and Faruk Hadžibegić, celebrated player and football coach.

Other participants will include entrepreneur Mirsad Ćatić, Hasan Šehović, President of the Diaspora Congress of BiH, Maja Miljković, founder and Executive Director of Zdrava Logika, Jan Zlatan Kulenović, youth rights activist in BiH and founder of Incubator, Maša Čampara, founder and Executive Director of eMediaPatch, Olivier Jarosz of the European Club Association (ECA), Đemila Talić Gabriel, Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in New South Wales, Australia, Rudi Kesić, CEO of UK-based Advantage Business Group, Senad Nanić, Chief Architect at Arhitektonski Studio from Croatia, Marijela Margeta Hašimbegović, director of the National Theater Sarajevo and others.

All information about this year's Sarajevo Business Forum and registration details are available through the official website