Preparatory workshops for SBF 2017 held in Tesanj

Sarajevo Business Forum is an excellent opportunity for companies to open export markets

BBI’s VIP Business Club in cooperation with the TRA – the Agency for the Development of the Municipality of Tesanj – jointly organized a workshop for the preparation of projects for the Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) 2017, an investment conference which will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of May in the Capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

“The Sarajevo Business Forum is a window into foreign markets and a way to present new business ideas to potential investors from abroad. It allows businesses the chance to develop their projects from the brainstorming phase to realization. I believe there no longer exists businessmen from BiH, and even the region, who have not heard of SBF. The TRA Agency has been working alongside BBI Bank for years with regards to SBF and cooperation has been great. The time in which we live in has already stepped into the “fourth industrial revolution” and only economies who have developed their competitive edge will have a chance to survive and continue to grow,” said Ismar Alagic, director of TRA, as he urged local businessmen to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Sarajevo Business Forum.

One of the attendees at the workshop was also Semir Kantic, owner of “SSAM PLAST” from Tesanj.

“SSAM PLAST is a leading company in BiH and the third largest company in the region in their field.  We produce truck tarpaulins and now intend on expanding production in transport pallets and the automotive industry. We are participating in the Sarajevo Business Forum because we believe that this is an ideal opportunity for companies to expand their markets outside of BiH. We are a small market and SBF offers exporting possibilities. I believe that conferences such as SBF is particularly beneficial for young companies that have good products but have not risked exporting goods outside of Bosnia,” said Kantic.

In preparation for the Forum and with the intention of better preparing local Businessmen, Bosna Bank International (BBI) is organizing workshops across the country. The goal is to provide information with regards to project application and development, ensuring all projects are presented adequately to foreign investors at SBF to increase their chances of success.

Workshops have already been held in Banja Luka, Mostar, Bihac, Zenica, Gorazde, Posusje and Belgrade where businessmen presented the methodology of project development by internationally recognized standards. Workshops have been fully supported by local Chambers of Commerce and workshops in Zagreb and Ljubljana are being planned.

More information regarding the Sarajevo Business Forum as well as project application and registration can be found on our website at