Large business delegation from the United Arab Emirates coming to SBF2017

Business women from the UAE interested in investing in BiH

In preparation for the upcoming Sarajevo Business Forum 2017, a large business delegation from the United Arab Emirates, led by the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of the UAE Mohammed A. Al-Nuaimi, visited BiH.

The delegation consists of 16 representatives of international companies as well as representatives from the Chambers of Commerce of various sectors including the construction, tourism, agriculture, and real estate sectors.

After the meeting, Fatma al-Mualla, member of the Chamber of Commerce of the UAE commented on the natural beauties of BiH.

"BiH is a beautiful country and I only have positive impressions. This country also has great economic potential and therefore, upon returning to UAE, I plan on inviting business women to invest in this wonderful country," said Fatma al-Mualla.

Mohammed A. Al-Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of the UAE will also take home positive impressions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"This is our first time visiting BiH and we are delighted with what we have seen from the natural beauty to the endless possibilities offered by this country. We visited food manufacturing factories and saw that there is great potential in organic food production. We are planning on coming back to establish cooperation in this particular field, but also in other sectors including tourism,” said Al Nuaimi.

While speaking with BBI’s management, guests from the UEA were made familiar with the activities carried out by BBI Bank with regards to the organization of the annual investment conference, the Sarajevo Business Forum, and the gathering of foreign investors to BiH.

Azra Colic, manager of the BBI VIP Business Club, presented the regional cooperation and investment opportunities brought upon by the Sarajevo Business Forum.

After the meeting, Colic stated, "Every year, SBF brings together entrepreneurs and businessmen from across the region, holds more than 200 B2B meetings between regional businessmen and foreign investors, and establishes a large network of business contacts. This year, there is great interest in investing in agriculture and organic food production.  There is also interest in investing in the tourism and energy sector and so we invited the UEA delegation to visit BiH again on the 22nd and 23rd of May to participate in the Sarajevo Business Forum.”