Final Workshop held in Sarajevo: SBF is Brightest Promotion Spot for BiH Economy

Sarajevo Business Forum is the brightest promotion spot for the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was said today at the preparatory workshop held in the great hall of the Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

The potential and opportunities of the largest investment conference in the region were presented to the entrepreneurs as part of the final presentation on the eve of the Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 which is to be held on 22 and 23 May 2017 in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the patronage of the BiH Presidency. In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of FBiH, the workshop was organized by the BBI VIP Business Club and attended by numerous representatives of BiH companies from various economic sectors.

President of the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber Bruno Bojić pointed out that the Sarajevo Business Forum is the largest event of its kind in the region. Bojić underlined that BiH Foreign Trade Chamber provided support to the organizer.

- There is an essential need to promote projects and products from BiH. Therefore, I congratulate Mr. Amer Bukvić, CEO of BBI, who had the courage to initiate this project which brings together statesmen, prime ministers, representatives of the chamber systems and investors who are eagerly waiting for projects. Unfortunately, we often do not have adequately prepared projects and our institution, BBI Bank and FIPA are at your disposal and they want to help you in this manner - said Bojić.

One of the participants of the workshop is Alem Omerhodžić, CEO of "Senigor", who emphasized the importance of today's workshop which has provided answers to numerous questions posed by the businessmen.

- This is a great opportunity for us to meet and connect with foreign investors and eventually find potential partners for cooperationduring the Sarajevo Business Forum. We were givenrather useful information - said Omerhodžić.

President of the FbiH Chamber of Commerce Mirsad Jašarspahić stated that workshops were an opportunity to familiarize the businessmen with the potential and importance of the Sarajevo Business Forum.

- The SBF is the brightest promotional spot for Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout the year. It is more than a business conference because during those days we manage to present a much better picture of the country than the one that it is present in the media - said Jašarspahić. At the meeting, the entrepreneurs were briefed about important information relevant to the preparation of projects and participation in the Sarajevo Business Forum which will bring together representatives of foreign investment institutions and big business in Sarajevo.

Edin Brkić, Director of Corporate Banking at the BBI, says that the SBF is the indicator that the BBI intends to be more than a commercial bank.

- We are more than that, a partner, a financier and support that stays with you in good and bad times. The SBF is our contribution to the economy - he added. Attendees were also addressed by Azra Čolić, Director of BBI Business Club, and Nedžad Gušić.

The workshop in Sarajevo is the final one in a series of highly successful meetings that were held across the country and the region. Among others, the SBF 2017 opportunities were presented in Belgrade, Skopje, Tirana, Banja Luka, ŠirokiBrijeg, Tuzla, Zenica, Zavidovići and Travnik over the course of several weeks.