Fifty Richest Businessmen from Gulf Countries Coming to Sarajevo Business Forum 2018

Delegations of the THIQAH - IDB Business Forum (Islamic Development Bank - IDB Group Business Forum), and VIP clients of the ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) as the largest depositors of this bank and the founders of BBI Bank, confirmed that they will come to and participate in Sarajevo Business Forum 2018 in order to learn more about the opportunities offered by investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region at the conference that will be held on April 25 and 26 in the capital of BiH. They are influential businessmen from the Gulf countries who are interested in investing in BiH.

Members of the IDB and ADIB's business club are prominent businessmen who rank among the richest people in the Arab world. IDB and ADIB are the founders of BBI Bank and they invited their VIP clients to this year’s SBF to inform them about the potential of BiH. These distinguished guests will focus their visit on the establishment of direct cooperation in the field of investments in BiH and the region with the VIP clients of business clubs of the ADIB and IDB, VIP Club and investment departments of BBI Bank as well as with local businessmen and project owners. According to the plan, BBI Bank will manage the investment portfolio of VIP clients of ADIB and IDB when it comes to investments in BiH and the region.

Membership in the ADIB's business club is limited only to the most influential owners of the largest companies in this part of the world. Prominent guests will actively participate in the work of the Forum and hold meetings with the members of the BBI VIP Business Club.

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