Dinner sponsor: Ziraat Bank has an operational presence at 97 locations in 18 countries

Ziraat Bank is honorable dinner sponsor of Sarajevo Business Forum 2017. Much appreciated financial institution is a traditional partner of SBF, the largest and most important investor’s conference in Southeastern Europe. Ziraat Bank has the largest international service network of any Turkish bank comprising many service points in numerous countries.

They provide services in the areas of payment systems, credit, checking and investments with our broad range of products. They offer the most appropriate products with the most favorable term and pricing options.

Beset as it was by volatilities at home and abroad and by geopolitical developments, 2015 was a tough year indeed but Ziraat Bank nevertheless successfully achieved its targets thanks to its coherent business model and robust balance sheet. Bank’s total assets increased by 22% and reached TRL 303 billion while its total lending’s grew by 35% to TRL 247 billion.

In line with their goal of maintaining a lending-driven asset structure, Ziraat Bank’s cash loans at end-2015 amounted to TRL 187 billion, which corresponded to 62% of its total balance sheet and was five percentage points higher than the previous year’s 57%. While loans once again accounted for a bigger share of the bank’s total assets, care was also given to focus on lending mainly to real-sector customers in 2015.

Ziraat Bank is the deposit-taking leader in its home market even though it does not compete with other banks for them on the basis either of term or of interest rate.

Last year Ziraat Bank opened another 112 domestic branches and one foreign branch (in Kosovo), thereby bringing the total number to 1,812. We are currently in the process of opening a second branch in Kosovo, a third in Georgia, and our first in Bahrein. We have launched a new bank in Montenegro and our second one in Azerbaijan. As a result of these and similar undertakings, Ziraat Bank now has an operational presence at 97 locations in 18 countries, which gives it a direct international service reach more extensive than that of any other bank in our country.