Mr. A.K. Tareen, Chairman, AKT Strategic Consulting LLP, India, moderator 

„Business starts when people see opportunity to trade. When that happens, everything else starts, employment, development... Creating opportunity is a key for us, a new silk road is example for this, and it will bring growth for region. Governments have a key role, and they can put strategic way forward. “

Mr. Akin Atilla, Director, ATILLA Construction, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"We have achieved great results in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have invested significant resources, but there is a problem overly complicated bureaucracy that should be simplified. "

Dr. Maida Bećirović, General Secretary, Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Most of the countries are small markets at individual level, but BiH is a part of a “live” region and the continent, and thus offers good benefits. There are no legal obstacles for the investors to invest in any sector in BiH, they are protected from nationalization and expropriation and do not need a local partners to establish companies. Foreign companies operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina can buy real estate that will remain their property forever, not for a period of 99 years as is the case in some countries. In order for BiH to attract investors the most important is to change the mentality from "cannot be done" to "can be done".”

Mr. Kenan Bozkurt, President of the Executive Board, Halkbank, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

"I think that the region offers significant potential, and is, in many ways, a “blessed” one. Therefore, we all have a mission to help its development. As Turkey is the bridge between Asia and Europe, so the Southeast Europe can become a similar bridge and connect different regions. "

Mr. Jawad Yousuf Al Hawaj, President of Al Hawaj Group of Companies, Kingdom of Bahrain

"I came here with a large number of investors and I am glad for it. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a stable, safe and beautiful country. I have traveled all over the world, yet I was highly impressed by BiH. It is surrounded by mountains, inhabited by good people and it offers a lot of potential. BiH is a country in which we felt welcome wherever we met someone. This is the right time to start investing in BiH, because things are developing very fast. In Bahrain, there is a significant number of BiH citizens who can facilitate development of our relations. Tourism is crucial for business development, and it has the potential to enable networking of other sectors as well. "

Mr. Ahmed Sabah Al Salloom, Chairman, Bahrain-Bosnia and Herzegovina Joint Business Committee, The Kingdom of Bahrain

"We came to Sarajevo with the second largest delegation, because we want to be a part of the growth of this country. Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only a real estate market, but there are also many other sectors which we invest in. Natural resources are present, but it is also important for BiH companies and investors from Bahrain to establish joint companies. "

Mr. Nouman Khalid, CEO, SNK Financial, United Kingdom

"It is important for the investors to have independent advisers and quality information which they can benefit from. There are a lot of information, but investors need to have at their disposal reliable and up to date news, especially when it comes to real estate. The key is to provide information about the financial sector in BiH, the way of doing business, regulations and transparency. This conference shows that there is both interest and potential, since BiH is not only about agriculture and real estate. "