Brčko and Bijeljina in spot: Joint efforts for improved competetiveness

BBI Bank and BBI VIP Business Club organized the round table on "How to Increase the Competitiveness of the Brčko District and the City of Bijeljina" today in Brčko, together with the Brčko District Chamber of Commerce, the RS Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the City of Bijeljina and the Association of Employers of Brčko District.

This is yet another session in the series of events organized by BBI Bank in advance of Sarajevo Business Forum which will be held in the BiH capital on April 25 and April 26, with about 60 businessmen from the region taking part in it.

Amel Kovačević, Director of Retail Banking Division of BBI Bank, opened the round table and emphasized the contribution of BBI Bank to improving the competitiveness of BiH economy.

"Through its partnership with its clients, BBI Bank strives to improve their competitiveness on the market. In this sense, we help companies improve their cash flows by adequately structuring the repayment of existing short-term and long-term financing arrangements. In cooperation with the local community, we offered subsidized financial lines and, thus, enabled the businessmen to significantly reduce the cost of capital for corporate financing. With BBI VIP Business Club, we bring together business people and create favorable climate for networking, joint projects and meetings outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina," Kovačević said. He added that BBI uses Sarajevo Business Forum to create new opportunities for finding investors and new markets.

Pero Gudeljević, Head of the Department of Economics in the Government of the Brčko District, informed the entrepreneurs about the potentials and possibilities of increasing competitiveness, pointing out that there are support programs for businessmen and start-up companies. Jelenko Ilić addressed the participants on behalf of the Association of Employers and the Chamber of Commerce of Brčko, while Anto Gajić, President of PK Bijeljina, informed them about the potentials of Bijeljina in the field of agricultural and chemical industry.

Bosnaplod company presented its story of success after it found investors at Sarajevo Buisness Forum back in 2015.

"In cooperation with BBI Bank and SBF, Bosnaplod found an investor and became a company in which 18 million KM was invested in the past two years, and which exports 75 percent of its production," said Almir Numanović, COO at Bosnaplod. Bimal also presented its successful path to the European and Middle Eastern markets.

Žitopromet company from Bijeljina, one of the largest exporter of flour to Turkey, presented its model, while Steco Centar, a manufacturer of low-energy houses, presented its successful projects to the attendees.

"We started as a small family company and now we have our centers in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden, France and Africa," said Milenko Stevanović, owner of the company that built the home for famous George Clooney as well.

On this occasion, the businessmen were introduced to a new online platform as part of Sarajevo Business Forum, which is used to present companies’ profiles and projects as well as arrange B2B meetings.

This round table is a part of the series of events organized by BBI VIP Business Club and BBI Bank, with the aim of strengthening entire BiH economy and the competitiveness of BiH products on international markets. The aim of the meeting intended for the businessmen from this region was to define the priority sectors of the economy for promotion to international partners, exchange experiences in finding the markets, and provide key guidelines for improving and increasing the competitiveness of domestic products and services.

The next round table will be held on February 28 in Zenica.

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