BBI VIP Business Club: Tešanj as Example of Business-Friendly Region

BBI Bank and BBI VIP Business Club organized the round table on "How to Increase the Competitiveness of Economy in Tešanj, Teslić, Doboj, Maglaj and Usora - Internationalization of Business, Development Opportunities, Finding Investors and Opening New Markets" today in Tešanj, in cooperation with the FBiH Chamber of Economy, the RS Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Doboj, the Development Agency of Tešanj Municipality (TRA) and the Association of Employers of Tešanj – Jelah Business Center.

The round table was attended by about 60 leading businessmen from this region.

"We came to Tešanj to talk to our partners and representatives of the economy, to hear their views, and see how we can deepen our business relations as well as build new and strengthen our existing partnerships. The aim of today's round table session is to use our joint forces to present ourselves in the best possible manner at the coming Sarajevo Business Forum. We believe that we have a lot to learn and hear from the businessmen coming from the region of Tešanj. I want to extend my gratitude to all of those who are present and who have come to today’s gathering," said Nermin Oprašić, Head of Corporate Banking at BBI.

Edin Jabandžić, Member of the Managing Board of the Association of Employers of Tešanj - Jelah, Business Center, discussed the possibilities and potential offered by the Tešanj region.

"I would like to thank BBI bank for organizing this event and coming up with this great idea. We at the Association think that we are doing just what this round table is all about, and I want to emphasize that internationalization is something we all have to focus on."

Srećko Stojaković, Head of the RS Chamber of Commerce - Regional Chamber of Doboj, says that the topic of today’s event is interesting because it covers various aspects that help our economy make both our enterprises and business environment more competitive.

Today, companies such as AP Attelier, Koteks, Bio Šamp, GMC Usora, B&M Commerce, Pobjeda Tešanj and Madi presented their success stories.

Prof. Dr. Ismar Alagić presented the export-related activities of our country, with the focus on the economy of Tešanj. He emphasized the quality of import-export ratio, new export products and markets in which the products from Tešanj are present. One of the indicators of the successful development of economy of Tešanj is the growth of the total volume of foreign trade, which has doubled over the past seven years.

Damir Damadžić from the LRC presented the data and analysis of the structure of revenues, exports, number of companies and employees in this region.

As part of today's round table, the participants were introduced to new online platform for the promotion of companies and business projects and scheduling of business (B2B) meetings with potential partners and associates, which is available through website.


This platform is an excellent opportunity for all registered participants to set up online profiles for their companies and potential projects, check the lists of registered participants and apply for B2B meetings.

Today's round table session was attended by Mr. Mohammed Azab as the representative of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. He acts on behalf of private investors from this rich country. Mr. Azab came to BiH with the intention to learn about investment opportunities which he will present directly to his clients in order to make their presence at Sarajevo Business Forum as fruitful as possible.