BBI VIP Business Club in Travnik: Strengthening economy and manufacturing and diversification of investments in Central Bosnia Canton

BBI Bank and BBI VIP Business Club organized the round table on "How to Increase the Competitiveness of Economy in the Central Bosnia Canton Economy - Internationalization of Business, Development Chances, Finding Investors and Opening New Markets" today in Travnik.

The exchange of experiences with the businessmen from the Central Bosnia Canton (SBK) region was organized in cooperation with the FBiH Chamber of Economy, the SBK Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Employers of SBK Travnik.
"We are pleased to be in Travnik today together with our distinguished partners from the Central Bosnia Canton region. I am using this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to today's invitation. This is an event in a series of round table sessions organized by BBI Bank and BBI VIP Business Club in an effort to stimulate domestic economy to take active part in the coming Sarajevo Business Forum that will be held on April 25 and 26 in Sarajevo," said Nermin Oprašić, Head of Corporate Banking at BBI.

Kemal Čolak, President of the Association of Employers of SBK Travnik, talked about the possibilities and potential of economy of the SBK region.

"I am honored to participate in this gathering and I would like to thank BBI bank for its genuinely ambitious and highly successful introduction of a new era of banks' approach to their clients", said Čolak.
Emil Kučković, Executive Director of the LRC, presented detailed analysis of economic trends in the Central Bosnia Canton.

Companies in this Canton achieved huge revenue growth over a three-year period, from 3.14 billion in 2014 to 3.94 billion KM in 2016. The number of employees grew by 3.245 in the same period.

Data on credit ratings confirm that companies are becoming increasingly efficient in their operations. In the SBK, the number of companies that achieved excellence in their business (i.e. which were awarded the rating of 5) increased from 111 to 129 over the three-year period. In case of fast growing companies, out of a total of 667 companies in BiH, 38 are operating in the SBK area, and eight in the municipality of Travnik.

Today, companies such as GS TMT Travnik, Pharmamed, ES-Busovača, Merkez Oil and BNT Holding d.d. Novi Travnik presented their success stories.

This round table is one in the series of events organized by BBI VIP Business Club and BBI Bank with the aim to strengthen entire BiH economy and competitiveness of Bosnian products on foreign markets.

As part of today's round table, the participants were introduced to new online platform for the promotion of companies and business projects and scheduling of business (B2B) meetings, which is available through website.