BBI VIP Business Club in Bihać: Utilize Una-Sana Canton Potential and Improve Standard of Living in Region

Bosna Bank International Ltd. Sarajevo and BBI VIP Business Club organized the round table on "How to Increase the Competitiveness of Economy in the Una-Sana Canton - Internationalization of Business, Development Chances, Finding Investors and Opening New Markets" today in Bihać together with the Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Chamber of Economy of the Una-Sana Canton and the Una-Sana Canton Employers Group.

This round table is yet another one in the series of events organized by BBI VIP Business Club and BBI Bank with the aim of strengthening entire BiH economy and the competitiveness of Bosnian products on foreign markets. It was attended by about 80 representatives of the economic sectors, institutions and local communities.

"Today's round table in Bihać is a final one in the successful series of meetings organized by BBI VIP Business Club and BBI Bank. Before the closing meeting in Sarajevo, which will be held prior to Sarajevo Business Forum itself, we can say that we have visited all the major business centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with about 300 companies and institutions taking part in these events together with 600 participants," said Azra Čolić, representative of the BBI VIP Business Club.

Representatives of the Chamber of Economy of the Una-Sana Canton presented an overview of the economy of the Una-Sana Canton region, as well as new planned projects and their impact on Bosnian economy. Export advantages and potential of the Una-Sana Canton from the perspective of the employers were presented by the Association of Employers of the Una-Sana Canton.

The Una-Sana Canton Development Agency presented the development projects of the Una-Sana Canton.

Emil Kučković, Executive Director of the LRC, presented a detailed analysis of economic trends in the Una-Sana Canton.

During the round table session, the participants were also introduced to a new online platform as part of Sarajevo Business Forum which is used for the promotion of companies and business projects as well as for scheduling of business (B2B) meetings.