BBI’s VIP Business Club Presents the Sarajevo Business Forum in Belgrade

“We were founded ten years ago with the idea of providing local and foreign companies the opportunity to collaborate, create and realize new business ideas,” said Azra Colic from BBI Bank.

Nenad Djurdjevic, Director of International Economic Relations in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, said that the Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) is an ideal opportunity for companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to create business relations with the Middle East, reports Anadolu Agency (AA.)

Djurdjevic said this at the opening of the SBF workshop in Belgrade on the 23rd of March, an event jointly organized by Bosna Bank International (BBI) and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade, which aims to prepare projects for this year’s Forum. 

“We felt it was important, above all, to engage those of you who are present, though we will continue to encourage businessmen and companies alike to participate in the Forum. Our intention is not only to keep good relations between the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we wish to develop better economic relations between our two countries while also creating new opportunities within the Middle East.  We have already had meetings with Saudi Arabian companies after the joint visit of Rasim Ljajic and Mirko Sarovic, the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in BiH respectively. We believe this to be not only an ideal networking opportunity for Serbia and BiH, but an introduction to the Saudi Arabian market and a method to attract potential investments to our countries. We will continue to inform our colleagues about the Forum,” said Djurdjevic.

Azra Colic, head of BBI’s VIP Business Club explained to attendees the goal and purpose of the Sarajevo Business Forum.

“We are a like a private chamber of commerce within the bank. We were founded ten years ago with the idea of providing local and foreign companies the opportunity to collaborate, create and realize new business ideas. In fact, we encourage that the collaborations we help create implement concrete projects and activities and that local companies build better relationships with companies abroad. BiH, and all countries in the region, are extremely interested in attracting foreign investments and this is the guiding principle that led us to create the VIP Business Club and later, the Sarajevo Business Forum.  Members of the VIP Business Club have the chance to create new business opportunities and to introduce themselves to foreign markets. They have the ability to gain strategic business partners as well as the possibility of improving their skills and insight within these markets where we have direct connections,” said Colic.

She added that BBI Bank and its VIP Club has created memorandums with various businesses in Bahrain, China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden and the region of Shanghai, and that the workshop in Belgrade is a means of engaging businessmen to present their projects and ideas in methods that are internationally recognized.

This year’s eight annual Sarajevo Business Forum will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of May in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.