Kosovo's unemployment drops to 27.5% in 2016

PRISTINA (Kosovo), May 16 (SeeNews) - Kosovo's unemployment rate has dropped to 27.5% in 2016 from 32.9% a year earlier but remained the highest in the region of Southeast Europe, the country's statistical agency said.

There were significant gender differences throughout Kosovo's labour market, the statistical agency said in a labour force survey published on Monday.

The unemployment rate was much higher among women, 31.8%, compared to 26.2% for men.

The jobless rate in the age bracket 15-24 years remained high in 2016, at 52.4%. In 2015, the jobless rate in this age group was 52.7%.

About two-thirds of Kosovo's population was at working age (15-64 years) last year but just 38.7% of those people were economically active. Of them, 58.3% were men and only 18.6% were women.

According to the survey, Kosovo had a population of some 1.77 million in 2016.

Employment rate among women stood extremely low at 12.7%, compared to 43% for men. Women were working mainly in education, retail and healthcare sectors, whereas most of Kosovo's working men were employed in manufacturing, construction and retail sectors.

The employment rate was highest in the age brackets 35-44 years and 45-54 years.

According to the survey, only 29.5% of those employed on a labour contract had a permanent contract. 

The standards of the survey are harmonised with Eurostat requirements, the statistical agency said.